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I’m Maya Budzinski

Was born in Edmonton, Canada. Ever since I was a kid, my passion has always been music.

My fascination and passion for music started when I was a mere one year old. My parents took me to my first symphony concert at the newly built Winspear Centre in Edmonton Alberta, my hometown. We sat to the slight left of the centre stage, right by the violin section. Over the course of my earliest years, I listened to the first violins every single time we visited the Winspear Centre. I was still an infant yet I never cried during concerts and always seemed to be enjoying the music. As soon as I turned 2, I began dropping my parents several hints about my interest in the violin. All I needed were two pencils to start mimicking the gestures of playing the instrument, while singing out songs I’ve heard played on the violin. By age 3, I couldn’t wait any longer to get a real violin, and that’s when I was given the smallest violin possible to craft, which almost looked like a Christmas tree ornament.


I could play on it all day, and that was mostly true, for it was hard to get me away from the violin according to my parents. The best part of it all was that when I went to my music school, I was the only one with a real violin in contrast to the many other beginners with cardboard violins and stick bows. My musical journey continued at the Suzuki Charter School where music was incorporated into the teaching program. I remember always wanting to volunteer to play for my classes. It was always exciting to show off my immense love for the violin, especially in music class. Now, at age 17, I continue to enjoy performing for everyone. I couldn’t have been more happy to have chosen the violin as my instrument, and to this day I still hold the passion for music that was found in me at the beginning of this journey. 

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