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Summer Academies

Soloist/Chamber Music


More about Me



I’m Maya 

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Music is my passion since I was a kid.
I would like to be a professional musician.
I enjoy cooking, swimming and skiing.
I enjoy travelling and outside activities.
I enjoy playing chess. 


School Education

2016-present   Junior and Senior High School, Edmonton
2009-2016      Suzuki Charter School

Music Education

2019-present   Edmonton, student of Professor Robert Uchida
2018-present   Calgary, Mount Royal University,
                              Advanced Performance Program 
2017-present   Edmonton Youth Orchestra
2015-2018      Calgary, Mount Royal University,
                            Academy for Gifted Youth, Honour Program
2015-2019       Calgary, student of Professor William van der Sloot
2013-2018      Edmonton, student of Mr. James Keene 
2009-2015      Edmonton, Suzuki Charter School,
                            Society for Talent Education  

My Music Teachers

James Keene (2012-2017), William van der Sloot (2016-2020), Robert Uchida (2020-present).


Music Camp and Summer Academies

2020    National Youth Orchestra
2019    Young Artist Program in Ottawa, Canada,
              student of Elaine Klimasko and Grigory Kalinowsky
2019    Meadowmount School of Music NY,
              seven weeks program,
              student of Gerardo Ribeiro
2019    Valhalla Summer Camp with Ian Swensen
2018    Orford Music Academy in Quebec, Canada,
              student of Andrew Wan; 
              (concertmaster of Montreal Symphony Orchestra)
2018    Young Artist Program in Ottawa, Canada,
              student of Elaine Klimasko
2018    Meadowmount School of Music NY,
             seven weeks program,
             student of Elmar Oliveira

Soloists and Chamber Music

2020 –  MRU Academy Advanced Performance Program Recital
2020 –  Performance of the Bartok Violin Concerto No.2 at
              the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Concerto Competition
              (first prize winner)
2019 –  Performance of Chausson Poeme with the Edmonton Youth Orchestra
2019 –  Wirth Institute Christmas Concert
2019 –  Recital at the Alberta Legislature for Black Ribbon Day
2019 –  Valhalla Chamber Music performance
2019 –  Performance at Meadowmount Rising Stars Student Concert
2019 –  Performance of Ravels Tzigane with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
2019 – Performance of Ysaye Ballade Sonata No3 for Solo violin at Bella Concert Hall,
            Calgary, Alberta (at Albertas Music Teachers convention)



Awards and Other

2020-   2nd Vienna International Music Award High Distinction Award
2020-   Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Concerto Competition Winner
2019-   Alberta Music Education Foundation Recognition Award
2019-   Finalist ant the Northern Alberta Concerto Competition
2018-   Lipinski-Wieniawski International Competition for Young Violinists;
2018-   Alberta String Association Concerto Competition;
              First Prize winner
2018-   Canadian Music Competition;
             First Prize and Grand Prize winner
2016-   Alberta Provincials in Kiwanis Music Festival,
             First Prize
2016-   Canadian Music Competition,
              Second Prize
2015-   Canadian Music Competition, First Prize
2014-   Alberta Provincial in Kiwanis Music Festival,
             First Prize
2012-present Kiwanis Music Competition solo, duets and quartets;
                          many awards


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